IAPP Data Protection Congress

November 27-29 2018
Brussels, Belgium

Presentation: Privacy by Design: How We Cracked it
Justin Antonipillai, CEO, WireWheel
Stephan Geering, CIPP/E, Global Privacy Officer, Blackboard
Thursday, Nov. 29th at 9AM


AWS re:Invent

Nov 26-30 2018
Las Vegas

Look for WireWheel at booth #316 at Startup Central in the Aria Quad.
WireWheel was selected for participation in AWS’ “Startup Central”


Modern, Efficient Privacy Compliance with AWS and WireWheel

November 13th, 2018 • 1PM Eastern
Hosted by:
Justin Antonipillai, Privacy Expert & CEO, WireWheel
Trevor Hansen, Parter Solutions Architect, AWS

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"When I was leading a lot of the efforts by the Obama administration around domestic privacy legislation, one of the things I saw was that there are definitely strong alignments between some of the civil liberties groups and the Democratic side, and some of the corporate groups and the Republican side"

"People are demanding simple protections, said Justin Antonipillai, founder and chief executive officer of WireWheel and former Acting U.S. Under Secretary for Economic Affairs at the U.S. Department of Commerce during the Obama administration."

“The FTC has been taking enforcement action against companies that claim they’re complying... There is always going to be criticism around this, especially if you see [data] breaches. It’s going to take a lot of work to build trust in coming years.”

"If the only person overseeing the intelligence community in the United States was the [Privacy Shield] ombudsperson, we'd be in trouble."

"Every one of these breaches, especially ones where they affect 50 million people and have follow-on effects to other platforms, raises the chance that you’re going to get a more uniform national set of legislation."